3 Questions for Leiäna Charron

11 September 2015
Source: Leiäna Charron

How would you describe your work?

I work in a small agency, so I'm involved in pretty much everything. Primarily, though, my role is to be the link between the client and the model. When a client comes to me with a request, I have to choose the appropriate models and shots from their portfolios, submit them to the client, organize a casting call and negotiate fees. Consultation is another piece, depending on the client's needs. I know my models really well and their strengths, which is the advantage of being part of a small and very selective company. I also collaborate with agencies in Toronto, Paris, Milan and Shanghaion international bookings.



Describe a typical day in your life

The great thing, for me, is that my work is not repetitive. When I get to the office, there are a lot of calls and emails to follow up on. A large part of my work also involves marketing, namely contacting new clients and submitting proposals to them. There's a bit of business development, but mostly I'm selling a product, our models. So, I'm in communication with photographers, stylists and creative teams to build and update the models' portfolios. I feel it's important to maintain good relationships with my models, so I make a point of keeping in touch with them to see how they're doing, where they're at. My goal is to deliver as personal a service as possible.


What made you choose a career in fashion?

It happened completely by chance! I was studying linguistics and got my first job as an assistant in an agency, through an ad on Craigslist. I've been at SPECS for four years, and I've completely fallen in love with Montréal and this field. I love the people, models, challenges, clothes, style as well as the sales and development side of my job. There's nothing routine about it, and I get to play a big sister role to our young women.

As a born boss, I'm totally in my element! My job also involves a bit of psychology, in terms of maintaining positive relationships, inspiring trust and not letting the stress get to you. To succeed in this field, I think you have to be prepared to do a bit of everything, work hard and, above all, enjoy taking care of others.

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By Gabrielle Lisa Collard