Fall's Biggest Trends

18 September 2014

For Annie 50, Dex and Marie Saint Pierre, sixties-style lines, colours and patterns are clearly where it's at. Meanwhile, with their darker shades, Mélissa Nepton and Valérie Dumaine take a more toned down spin on the same theme.

The sporty look, a favourite throughout the summer, is still as fashionable as ever. At the glamorous end of the spectrum is Denis Gagnon with his velvet bomber jackets, which include one trimmed with luxurious fur, another definite trend right now. Eve Gravel and Penningtons were also inspired by the laid-back look this season.

At Garage and Smart Set, nineties grunge is in the air. Atelier B., Muse by Christian Chenail and Bodybag by Jude take the plaid look to new heights, giving it a nine-to-five touch.

This fall, you cannot go wrong with floral and realist prints like those offered up by BEDO and Les enfants sauvages. In addition, the bag to have this season is without question the fruit of the collaboration between Norwegian Wood and leather goods maker Kimberley Fletcher, which is sure to turn heads.

Tristan, Le Château and Reitmans should be a hit with their pantsuits this fall, since a nicely fitted two-piece is always a smart choice. And you will definitely get people's attention with this season's bold colours, especially in the form of a beautifully cut dress like the ones by Éditions de robes and RW&CO.

Like every year, knits are a great option for staying cozy through the coming months. At Addition Elle, you will find them in dress form, while Nadya Totoserves up something a little on the Bohemian side.