Gift inspirations in local fashion

30 November 2016
Kinsu mittens, Aldo watch, Rudsak passport case, Matu wire holder, Cinderella Garbage ear studs, Frank and Oak coat, Ardène hat, Maison Bourdon sunglasses, Matt & Nat shoes

December 1 is here already, which can only mean one thing: the holidays are officially on our doorstep. The highly organized among us have surely begun (or maybe even finished) their Christmas shopping, but those who like to play it spontaneous will be inspired by the many Christmas markets dotting the city this holiday season.

To spark that inspiration, below are five distinct personality profiles who all have one thing in common: a penchant for local fashion and wearing it proudly. Keep this list handy in case you get a vague acquaintance in a gift exchange...


The trend hunter

This woman is on top of fashion and can put an outfit together like nobody’s business. Even if you don’t know her well, remember that neutral shades are always great basics and can even be key in a statement outfit.


Frank & Oak coat, Ardène hat, Dynamite rings, Le Château boots, Aldo handbag, RW&CO scarf, Marigold blouse  


The sporty type

She’s always off to a yoga class or a short jog on her lunch break, and doesn't shy away from the cold. An extra item of outerwear or thermal socks are always appreciated in her dresser drawers.


OMsignal sportbra, Simons socks, Matu wire holder, Kanuk chapska, Lolë coat, Kombi base layer top, Woolfell backpack, Hyba base layer pant


The environmentally conscious

For the woman who seeks to minimize her environmental footprint in her consumer choices, here are a few labels that reuse materials or whose products can serve myriad purposes. A thoughtful gesture that won’t escape the lucky recipient.


Mon Préféré suit, Matt & Nat shoes, Deborah Adams Design handbag, Atelier Kinsu mittens, Lowell Mtl wallet, Cinderella Garbage ear studs, Harricana hat, Ga-Oh tote


The hibernator

Just one look at the thermometer and she’ll wrap herself up in the nearest woolly blanket. The hibernator never has enough pyjamas, and each pair gives her a valid reason to stay indoors where she can keep warm and cozy.


Bonlook glasses, La Vie en Rose robe, Pony crewneck, Garage socks, Woolfell slippers, The Sleep Shirt nightshirt, Stay Home Club t-shirt


The jet-setter

Always coming or going somewhere, the jet-setter has a packed agenda and a head full of places she has to see. So any accessory that can make her travels carefree and easy will be greatly appreciated.


m0851 coat, Lowell travel bag, Gavoha hat, Maison Bourdon sunglasses, Aldo watch, Rudsak passport case, Les enfants sauvages top


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