Polychrome, encouraging fashion’s next generation

15 November 2016

Academos, a social network whose objective is to facilitate career counselling among youth, launched Polychrome this past fall. Developed in collaboration with LaSalle College, this platform serves as a tool to stimulate the fashion industry’s next generation. Michèle Cyr‑Lemieux, Advisor at Academos, kindly answered our questions.



What is Academos and Polychrome? What role does this tool play in students’ education? 

Polychrome is an initiative of Academos, driven by LaSalle College, that aims to foster the development of the Québec fashion industry’s next generation by explaining its practices and presenting inspiring profiles and non-traditional career paths. The platform is thus the result of solid collaboration between an influential force in the fashion industry and a popular career counselling solution used by 14- to 30-year-olds in Québec.

Academos is a career discovery social network that enables youth to find their dream job by connecting them directly to the realities of the labour marketmso-bidi-language:EN-CA'>Lemieux, Advisor at Academos, kindly answered our questions.



What does Polychrome offer?

Polychrome includes a guide covering everything you need to know about the fashion industry, a “What’s your style?” quiz and three videos introducing workers in various fashion-related professions. In this guide, young people receive advice from bloggers, designers and other influential players in Québec’s fashion industry. They are then invited to further their experience by contacting mentors in the field and following news about fashion companies.

In concrete terms, what do you hope to achieve with Polychrome? How does the platform strengthen ties between students and the industry? 

With Polychrome, Academos and LaSalle College LaSalle harness the potential and accessibility of fashion careers in the community. The fashion industry can be intimidating, yet it is more accessible than we think. Thanks to this campaign and the misconceptions it clarifies, youth can envision a career in this field by drawing inspiration from various career paths and motivating stories of success. ​


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