Top Trends for Fall

26 September 2012

Not quite sure how to complete your autumn wardrobe as the cooler temperatures set in? No worries: stylist Mélanie Brisson is here to give us an insider’s look at this fall’s top trends!

Loving leather

According to our stylist, leather is a must-have this fall. “We’re seeing lots of leather apparel for women; UNTTLD is a great example.” For men, Samuel Mercure is incorporating leather into pants and accessories. And for both sexes, m0851 has brought us divine coats and accessories that capitalize on the trend with arresting results.

Moving towards fashion parity

Androgynous silhouettes like those from by THOMAS are all the rage: “Although they can hide a few extra curves, unisex jackets also work well for slender women, magically creating an impression of volume,” notes Mélanie. While Denis Gagnon has men wearing long tunics, CIN Tailleurs reserves its masculine, high-volume trousers strictly for the fairer sex.

Crochet-style knits

Conveying cozy comfort, this fall’s knits feature oversized stitches at LYN: “Jocelyn Picard’s ultra‑trendy knits evoke a military esthetic and are reminiscent of a coat of mail,” our expert tells us. Cashmere knits remain a must this season and are available from a variety of fashion houses, including Ça va de soi.

The dark side of fashion

Gothic is definitely big this season. Dressed all in black and sporting dark-hued accessories, Marie Saint Pierre’s models make a splash in their dramatic make-up. This fall, DUYDenis GagnonLe Château and Rudsak  also flirt with the dark side of fashion.

Superb superimpositions

“This season, anything goes when it comes to mixing fabrics and textures, and Dinh Bà Design is leading the way,” affirms Mélanie. Eve Gravel has interwoven tweed, jersey and silk in perfect harmony, while Tavan & Mitto have superimposed gauzy fabrics over rich, sumptuous fur. Mélissa Nepton and Barilà for Icône at Simons have also joined the party and come up with eclectic, elegant designs that strike just the right tone.


Thanks to Mélanie Brisson, Stylist and A.D., for her invaluable tips!